Thursday, July 09, 2009

display, pie, wonder

Posted by Picasa Mushrooms at the Farmers' Market reveal the mysterious texture of the velvety brown gills which deserve gentle contemplation.

Switching on to the test match commentary on the radio I am just in time to hear the voice of Geoff Boycott referring laconically to the dismissal of Anderson as a result of a careless stroke. The mistake occurs in the middle of a partnership with Swan which is reviving England's fortunes in the test for the second time: "As we say in Yorkshire", he says, " 'there's more brains in a pork pie!'"

In an email to a friend I find myself writing "my mind was beginning to wonder". "Wander" is what I intend but wondering is more satisfactory.


Roderick Robinson said...

Not in my part of Yorkshire, but then the original industries in mine (textiles) and Geoffrey's (coal mining) have doubtless formed the background to two quite different cultures (with North Yorkshire providing an even more different, toffee-nosed one). The apophthegm disturbs me and for once in my life I'm disinclined to ask questions.

Lucy said...

I love those mushrooms.

There is quite a classy restaurant on the way up the coast here which proudly proclaims its weekly offering of 'tete de veau'; brains come in neat little packages in the supermarket and are considered good food for babies. But the idea of brains secreted in pork pies has sinister implications somehow!

(I've been reading all the time, as I get NTT by e-mail now, just haven't stopped to comment...)

Unknown said...

It never occurred to me to take the expression literally,which I find quite pawky. But I can understand BB's releuctance to pursue the recipe.

Tete de Veau is something else. Sounds worth a diversion. I am told that I was given brains as a child. Heidi fed them to her children. The last time I ate them was in Spain mixed with scrambled eggs. Huevos con sesos. Come to think of it that was the way Heidi used to cook the brains (calves not pigs).