Tuesday, July 14, 2009

visitor, precision, salad

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Outside the bathroom window.

Marianne Moore is the most precise of poets. In the title poem of her book of poems The Arctic Ox I find:
Camels are snobbish
and sheep unintelligent;
water buffaloes, neurasthenic -
even murderous.
Reindeer seem over-serious...

A row of rocket has gone to seed and become a row of white flowers each with four frail petals delicately veined. I plan a salad of the flowers on which fine shavings of Parmesan will be scattered together with a few of the remaining rocket leaves.


The Crow said...

The moth is all the more interesting because of the distortions due to the bubbly glass.


Roderick Robinson said...

MM is entertaining enough but a stern warning to me that I haven't the foggiest about blank verse scansion.

Unknown said...

Maybe it helps with poets whose work doesn't scan in convention forms, to listen to the rhythms of the way people speak? I'm not sure that prose rhythms cannot be a good guide as well.