Tuesday, July 07, 2009

poppies, hydrangers, scents

Posted by PicasaAfter the poppies.

Half way up Mt Sion is a house in front of which hydrangeas flower in the entire range of colours from blue to pink with variations in between. Looking closely at the blue, you see that the florets fade individually to paler blue and almost white pastel shades. While the pink fade to green and sometimes cream, the mauve are tipped with white and sometimes lemon-yellow.

After a heavy shower the air gets colder and then, when the sun comes out suddenly warm again, and you smell the oils and resins released by flowers and leaves and carried in sudden gusts of wind.


Eyebee said...

What a great photo! I, too, like to try and get those macro shots. I find them fascinating.

Unknown said...

A sequence of surprises.