Saturday, July 18, 2009

soldiers 2, horsetails, web

Posted by PicasaWaiting for the soldiers 2.
From the train I see beside the rails a mass of horsetail (equisetum) a pernicious, deep rooted weed, but beautiful in it its new and luxuriant growth like a gathering of green haired girls.
In the area outide the basement window hangs a cobweb anchored at four ends like a firemen's blanket. Its centre rises and falls in the wind as though someone is gently shaking it.

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The Crow said...

Dried horsetail stalks were used like sandpaper by some Native American peoples. There is so much silica in them, that it makes sense.

I've often wondered why we have so many of the useless (to humans) plants - poison ivy, for instance. Cannot imagine how the world would be worse off without that one.