Sunday, July 26, 2009

neglected, thought, overheard

Posted by PicasaCorner of a long neglected fence beside a car park.
I think to myself: "I've got writers' blog."
Snatch of conversation caught as a group of people pass me in Mount Sion: "Jesus! Our Christmas parties are so much more tame!"


marja-leena said...

That fence is downright spooky - great catch!

Writer's blog - yes!

Dave said...

I think to myself: "I've got writers' blog."

The Crow said...

"...writer's blog."

Just right!

I agree with Marja-Leena about the photo of the fence. The charring hints at something violent, tragic. Did appreciate how the spider's cobweb echoes the tangle of the cord, though.


Roderick Robinson said...

But is it a case of wanting to or not being able to?