Monday, August 23, 2010

Posted by Picasa  Astilbes, with their feathery panicles, are my favourite plants this year. Some weeks ago I planted one called called Deutschland, which drooped after Germany was beaten in the World Cup. This astilbe lacked a label so I don't know what variety it is, but photographed  in close up, it is delicious to behold. A beautiful things however you look at it.

In the breeze under the trees in The Grove, it strikes me today, as it has before, that different types of tree must make different noises as their leaves sway and rustle.  Again, at different times of year, as the leaves become drier and crisper, their sound must vary too. But my ear is too leaden to note such distinctions.

After the rain last night, everything is sodden, and foliage is beaten down. But as the sun  comes out, the plants perk up, and so do I. In the vegetable garden the French beans, which up till a  couple of days ago had shown no sign of fruiting, are suddenly adorned with little threads of green among (there are two varieties) the white and purple flowers.

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