Thursday, August 12, 2010

territory, geese, photos

Territorial dispute at St Leonards.

Geese flying overhead wake me as it is getting light at about 5.30 this morning. The call of the wild. Sleepy as I am, I would jump out of bed if I thought that I would be able to see them  through the window in the restricted patch of sky above the tulip tree and the roofs of neighbouring houses.  Or I would  run down stairs and out of the door, if there would be time before they fly on. As it is, I lie and listened to the their fading cries and imagine the V formation of their flight against the brightening sky.

Having made a compilation of photographs for our forthcoming family gathering, I realize how remiss I have been in keeping  my  family photographs  in drawers and boxes without a name or place or date on the back. Aunts, I do not know which aunts, in contrast, annotated who, when and where in the carefully maintained albums of snaps to which I have been referring. I feel disproportionally grateful.


Lucy said...

What a magical thing to wake to...

Unknown said...

I have heard it before at this time of year. It makes me restless and causes me to wonder whether I should be somewhere else.