Saturday, August 07, 2010

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An open window high in the flank of - once again - the deserted cinema.

On our way pack from The Pantiles Farmer's Market, we have a coffee as usual outside Arte Bianca in Chapel Place. A few drops of rain  greeted us in the Pantiles, but now as we sit down, the sun comes out. "We were right to be optimistic, not to bring an umbrella", says Heidi.

Just now, short of third beautiful thing to note for the day,  I go into the garden and, in the afternoon light, admire the big, star-shaped flowers of nicotiana ( dazzling white in contrast with the purple clouds massing to the south), and realize that they will do; and, as their scent rises in the warm air, that they will do very well indeed.

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Lucy said...

Funny how we fight shy of flowers, perhaps feeling they are somehow too easy or obvious, when in fact, as your writing shows, their potential is limitless.