Saturday, August 21, 2010

visitors, beautiful, unlikely

Posted by PicasaSquash flower with visitors - a gaudy feature of late summer.

There is an Italian delicatessen at the bottom of Mount Sion - a little corner of Italy in Tunbridge Wells. "You are beautiful," says the young man to a  blonde who enters the shop. "What did you say?" she says, not quite sure whether she heard him correctly (outside the shop, this is still England after all). "You are beautiful," he says. "Thank you," she says.

Sometimes I am struck by an irrational thought of vast and imponderable extravagance. I am sure that I am not alone in wondering how someone who knew no English and clearly even now cannot express himself freely in the language, can hope to manage the England football team, successfully, or can be expected to. Now, I think to myself, they have to look no further than the author of this blog to find a replacement .... But then again ...? 

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Lucy said...

I've had the same thoughts re the England coach, though not with any personal ambition to replace him. Perhaps he should go and work at your Italian deli instead and offer you the chance...