Friday, August 13, 2010

textures, bees, wolf

Posted by Picasa During another visit to St Leonards, looking up.

Heidi's daughter Caroline is importing transparent soap from Crete. It is made from olive oil and local perfumes, such as lavender and pine and  odd fragment of petals and leaves encased in it like flies in amber.  She sells the soap and various creams and lotions, sometimes, at a market in the centre of Munich where she lives. When she displayed the soap on her stand recently, she says,  bees came attracted by the perfume, to find the flowers from which they had been distilled.

Ahead of me in Mount Pleasant is a man with a wolf-like dog in a harness to which a leash is attached. It is a powerful creature with big paws and a determined gait. Down the road, coming towards me and the "wolf" is Giles with his Newfoundland, Seal, a gentle animal, slow and rather lugubrious by nature. Seal pulls away to avoid the "wolf" with a marked reluctance to say hullo, while the "wolf",  having shown only a mild interest,  pads eagerly up the hill, its owner in tow.

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