Friday, August 20, 2010

tree, squash, companionship

Posted by PicasaThinking about a tree. The outline of the tree repeats, as so often happens, the profile of a single leaf.

In the vegetable garden, a squash plant of creeping habit, rather like a vegetable python, is ascending  a pear tree, and embryo squashes are beginning to hang among the pears.

Mobility scooters must be one of the few consolations for not being able to get about easily. Old ladies, in particular, seem to relish  driving them. Perhaps it is because, just when indisposition calls on them to sacrifice their independence, they find themselves in charge again. This afternoon in Calverley Precinct, two old ladies steer their scooters among the shoppers, side by side, gossiping as they go.


CC said...

Lovely tree.

Especially love your imagery of the squash
python climbing the pear tree.

Lucy said...

The squash-bearing pear tree sounds like some lush primitivist vision of the garden of Eden!