Sunday, August 22, 2010

discovery, scents, petunias

Posted by PicasaThere are usually pigeons in The Grove, and there is usually something to interest them.

In Calverley Ground this afternoon, there is a fine rain, like warm spray. It carries scents and none more powerful than the  scent of lavender, in what used to be the rose garden. As I walk along the path beside the deserted bowling green, I look down on the lavender bed, where the flowers, though starting to fade, are still in bloom. The scent rises up like a miracle looking for approval.

About three weeks ago I bought  two pots of root-bound petunias The flowers had drooped and looked as though they had had their day,  but I had a feeling that they might survive. I don't much like petunias, but these were the right kind with small, dark red flowers, just what was needed for a shady corner. And I was right. Today we note how they are flourishing, the plants strong and the flowers and buds prolific. They will enrich the view from the dining room window, until the Autumn.

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Roderick Robinson said...

I commend your ability to envisage flowers appearing and doing wonderful things to dark corners. For me, everything is a surprise. But then I am rapidly becoming the perfect hands-off gardener. I seem to have missed many of your posts but you at least will be well aware of the reason. Adding the extra penultimate chapter (nearly done) has been thrilling work though I worry that it may be too "literary". Hatch may rap me over the head with his now outmoded slide-rule.