Monday, October 25, 2010

shadow 2, late, potatoes

Posted by PicasaAnother shadow takes over.

After some wet weather Autumn is hanging on rather beautifully in the garden. It's too early to cut back the fuchsia, even the lavender. The grass is green as it might be in Spring and herbs are falling over the edges of the pots in the new "herb garden" under the hedge. An unexpected abundance.

I pass a woman on a bench beefing into her mobile: "I never would have served potatoes like that. The potatoes weren't even roasted!"


The Crow said...

My brain is enjoying the shadow-puzzles of your photographs. I am reminded of the etchings of Escher by the way my brain responds to your photos...something is not quite as it should be and the unexpected presentation bemuses.

The Crow said...

PS: I Googled Baselitz and spent several minutes enjoying his work, too. Thanks for the pointer to his art.

Lucas said...

Wow! That image is amazing. It looks as if the shadow is the person and the person is the shadow!

CC said...

Love this photo too.

Lucy said...

'Spare him a little longer, Crone...'

You manage to eavesdrop some intriguing mobile phone conversations!