Tuesday, January 18, 2011

crow, help, frisby

Posted by Picasa The crow who usually holds court in The Grove is absent this morning. Instead I meet him on the curb in Grosevenor Road, waiting to cross.

Among the "lifestyle solutions" in a catalogue in the post to day is a pair spiked rubber devices to slip over your shoes which "help prevent broken bones, serious strains, pulled muscles and bruised pride."  There is also: a flexible workstation  for your laptop to cover your knees and keep your lap cool; an electronic cigarette , which looks and tastes like a real one and smoke which is "just water vapour".;  a grip to fit underneath rugs to stop them slipping; a device to extend a tight waist band by up to two inches; thermal socks  designed to prevent astronauts form the "cold of deep space"; your own private  portable urinal ... "for men and women";  a keyring which flashes and bleeps when you whistle; a spray to keep foxes away; and a puzzle roll made from clinging acrylic felt to allow jigsaws to be rolled up before completion without disturbing loose and fitted pieces.

A tall girl with blond hair and a blue jacket walks towards me in Calverley Ground. She is carrying a plastic lid or disk like a Frisbee.  It looks as though it has tooth marks on it, which give a hint of its purpose. She is accompanied by an athletic black dog of indeterminate breed. She throws the disk, which the dog bounds after and catches in mid air.


CC said...

Lovely Crow.

The Crow said...

What CC said.

Lucy said...

It's a wonderful world that hath such gadgets in it, though the steamy cigarette sounds fairly disgusting. So what did you order?

Unknown said...

Tempted in varying degrees to all, I resisted ordering any.