Sunday, January 23, 2011

puddle 2, bassett hound, apprentice

Posted by PicasaThe texture of a puddle where a drain is blocked in The Grove. Branches are reflected in the water beneath which the leaves lie as though embalmed.

In Mount Pleasant, I pass a basset hound, its nose to the ground. Its long ears trail on the pavement every time its head goes down. I find myself wondering  if the  fringes of its ears become worn and tattered like the bottom of my trousers sometimes when I forget to hitch them up.

In the hairdressers, I see a girl apprentice combing a long, auburn wig. The wig sits on a plastic head which has been set up  for practice on a chair in front of a mirror. I remark on this to my hairdresser friend Chris.  He tells me that when he was learning the trade, he once arranged a similar head, complete with a wig on his bed, where it lay on his pillow. He still remembers his grandmother's alarm on encountering the head when she came upon it unexpectedly.


The Crow said...

In your photo, it looks as if the leaves might still be on the branches. Good shot!

Good chuckle over Chris' memory of his grandmother.

Lucy said...

Yes I think they do get frayed ears!