Monday, January 17, 2011

waiting, noises, labelling

Posted by PicasaFeet functional and neat wait on the brick pavement.

The early morning sound of a car passing  provides information about the weather. The hiss  of tyres on the tarmac forewarns that it has rained. In a couple of hours, when we will have had breakfast, the spring will have risen in the larder.

The marmalade is made. Yesterday I cooked the whole oranges. This morning, after draining the larder of water, and baking the loaves which were proving overnight, I slice the peel into  fine strips, add  the orange and sugar to the water and  bring the water to  a fierce boil.  The worst part of the procedure is checking to see if the setting point is reached. It always seems to take longer than it should. The best part is however applying the labels to the jars. I write out the name in full five times "Seville Orange Marmalade January 2011.


CC said...

Fun seeing your feet pictures expand beyond human.

Savoring the aroma of all that orange.

tristan said...

are you going to photograph your jars of marmalade for us ?

Lucy said...

I love those glossy jars. Yes, waiting for the set can be a work of patience, I think I tend sometimes even to wait too long and achieve a slightly rubbery result, but that's better than having to return it to the pan which is just awful and disappointing. The boiling whole oranges is most definitely the best method, and makes the process much more leisurely, can't think why people risk their hangnails trying to do it any other way. I'm not sure how necessary or helpful tying up all the pips in muslin really is though.