Tuesday, January 04, 2011

posed, 25? Skype

Hands posing  for a photograph on a pub table.

The marker on the check out conveyor to separate one customer's purchases from the next in the supermarket has a strict warning to under-age buyers of alcohol. "Are you over 25?"  it asks. As  I put  it into place ready for the customer in the queue behind me? I repeat the question aloud to her? She is a woman in  her 50s. She smiles, "I wouldn't want to be that age," she says.

As I look at the time on the computer I hear the Five O' clock news come up on Radio Four.  I see, with a cosy sense of justness,  the last "0" of 17.00  appear  on the screen, at the same moment as I hear the last of the pips which precede the programme.

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Roderick Robinson said...

I read and re-read this post to find out what you had to say about Skype - a system which is particularly useful (and economical) for long chats with people in the USA, though it is ages since I last used it. Nothing emerged. I wasn't able to fit in your last para with what I know about Skype though it had techie overtones. I await the second shoe.