Sunday, April 10, 2011

benchmarks 4, weekend, wee

The population changes in matters of minutes on the benches under scrutiny. The sea remain much the same.

He has taken my cash before. I know him by his greeting: "Had a good weekend, so far," he says. What appeals is the ambiguity. Does he attend to spoil it? Are good weekends so rare that it is too much to expect a weekend entirely good in itself?  So far so good.

In the Italian deli at the foot of Mount Sion, a woman orders a cappuccino at the counter. Is it possible to have a wee?" she asks the young woman who serves her. This is a deli, not a restaurant.  Such requests are apparently frequent and are actively discouraged. There are no facilities of the kind required available to the public.  It is not to even to be discussed. There is a moment's silence. "Then I cant' t have  the cappuccino," the woman says. The owner stands  by. He  superintends the silence., which grows leaden.

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