Sunday, April 03, 2011

watch, watching, chivalry

On watch for worms and foes alike.

Temporarily incapacitated for heavy work, I can enjoy watching my son, Toby, digging trenches  and planting row upon row of potatoes.

Chivalry has it seems not entirely disappeared from sport. But don't whisper it abroad.  At  the Kent Mini/Midi Rugby Festival in Tonbridge this morning, where I  am watching my two grandsons, in the under eight  and under 11 categories respectively,  playing a game at which they are both very good, I note a couple of hefty girls among the forwards in the under elevens. Girls didn't play rugby in  my time. Boys and girls aren't allowed to play together beyond 11, I am told. Even under 11, they don't like tackling girls, my daughter tells me: "I've heard Josh in the scrum say, 'oops I'm sorry."


CC said...

Enlarged your bird photo so I could see
the bird's expression.

Is that a fig tree next to him?

tristan said...

i've always felt hesitant about tackling girls of any age