Monday, April 18, 2011

suntrap, lunch, defeat

Taking the sun facing the sea in St Leonards.

At Sainsbury's deli counter, a young man, his back to a growing queue, with the help of a machine and a large piece of cooked meat of uncertain provenance, produces a skyscraper composed of thin slices of flesh. "Big order?" asks a customer with good humour. "Staff lunch," says the young man.

By the front door, the smell of wisteria, opening in the sun, is dispersed by a light breeze. Bluebells, meanwhile, clustered on the slope beside the steps, are in triumphant bloom. Triumphant, because ever since I have lived in this house, I have tried to eradicate them, as the garden has always seemed to me to be too small and neat for their vigorous habit. But in the last two years I have given up the fight, as they have taken hold in odd, shady corners. Today I concede that they have been right and I have been wrong.
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marja-leena said...

Lovely shot of Heidi, thanks! One of these times on our visits to the UK we must chack out this favourtie place of yours.

Your spring is so far ahead of ours this year. The bluebells here aren't even showing buds yet, but they certainly seemed to have spread their rich green leaves more than ever, as I too have given up keeping them in rein.