Sunday, April 24, 2011

meeting, humming, healthy

Above the station. (Click for full picture)

 A robin hovers for a few seconds beside the hedge. Apart from its rapidly moving wings it is perfectly  still. I think of humming birds. Only this bird is interested in an insect rather than the nectar which attracts humming birds.  And its wings move rather slower.

A small boy says to his father: "I want a strawberry milk shake. Can I have a strawberry milk shake?" To endorse his case, he adds, having evidently been subjected to  grown-up propaganda: "It's healthy isn't it?"
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The Crow said...

Your photo reminds me of my Friends meeting on First Day, complete with fluttering late arrivals, who try, but fail in the attempt, not to disturb the sense of peace.

Very good image, of the station facade as well as its visitors.