Wednesday, April 27, 2011

empty, fox, faces

Shadow of an empty glass.

Last night a fox - I suspect a vixen because dog foxes are supposed to bark just once or twice - emits a series of raucous scream outside our window, -  a welcome reminder that something wild and out of our control  can exist  so close us.

An old woman, slightly bowed passes our table outside The Ragged Trousers. She wears a tweed suit, and walks with the aid of a stick.  Here face is long, her mouth wide and expressive. As I often do nowadays, as I get older myself, I find that I have a picture of the younger face buried in the older one.

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tristan said...

... and you won't have forgotten that a younger mind is often concealed behind that older face ...

The Crow said...

Say! Your empty glass' shadow creates a 'face' of sorts, itself, on the table. Serendipity strikes again!

marja-leena said...

Brilliant photo, Joe! That scream in the night would have given me the willies... I'm not sure I've ever heard that or known what it was.

Unknown said...

tristan No. Speaking for myself, the world is still divided between grown ups and the rest. I remain among the rest.

Crow It starts with being a baby. Two dots or blobs or holes staring out of a circle mean company.

M-L Despite our semi-urban setting it is surprising how much wild life gets through. I imagine that you have much more where you live.