Monday, April 04, 2011

blossom, raving, cheerful

A pigeon in blossom.

Yesterday's rugby is still fresh in my mind. Apart from watching my gifted  grand children children, I enjoyed seeing hundreds of people - children as well as grown ups - involved  in a tough character-building sport in this age of nannies and milk-sops. Adults and children all looked remarkably fit and lean. Plump beer swillers, crisp-eaters and computer game addicts were not in evidence. Some parents, it is true, do get over excited, but they are kept in order by a poster with the headline Don't be an RTP. What is an RTP? A raving touchline parent.

On my way down Mount Sion, I meet the postman coming up. He greets me cheerfully as I greet him on his cheerful mission. A postman's job is surely a happy one. Even in the rain.


CC said...
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CC said...

Lovely Pigeon picture.

Your pigeons do not look like ours on this
side of the bond. But yours is quite handsome and plump.