Sunday, October 14, 2012

door leaves sonnets

Door in Sitges.

At this time of year after rain and wind  the leaves - "yellow and black and pale and hectic red "- are pressed into the wet pavement like prints.

If there is anything to reaffirm my feeling that we are lucky to be alive in the age of  technology it is the ap of  Shakespeare's sonnets. You can read the text, listen to the poems read aloud and, at the press of a button see notes and commentaries. It is a masterpiece of publishing in a new medium.

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Roderick Robinson said...

I had never thought to use the computer to hear poetry read. But your post blew an immediate trumpet directing me to YouTube and an exquisite rendering of Sonnet 104 by Judy Dench. I was all ready to waste what's left of the afternoon instead of adding to the 137,683 words of Blest Redeemer until I clicked on a reading of Never Like The Sun by someone called Jeff Leslie who has a poshish accent with a built-in, glottal stop and the whole project fell into ashes. You are far more tolerant than I am but I wonder if you could bear to listen to poetry by someone whose voice you found uncongenial at the outset. A bit like trying to appreciate the face of (Fill in the name of La dame de vos pensées) through a cracked window which horribly displaces the face's halves.