Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween hyperbole agapanthis

A ghost army marches in the mist to in preparation for Halloween.

The Down Town Fish and Chip shop  has been a feature of this part of Tunbridge Wells for longer than I can remember. On cold days the scent from its extractor hangs in the air to sharpen appetites while the queue outside lengthens. The chippie  (I pictured it  here the other day) is opposite The Compasses and invariably in my viewfinder.  We fall into conversation this morning with the man  they call Ginger,  an enthusiastic customer.  He used to live round the corner and returns from time to time  for fish and chips or a pint at the pub or both. "It's the best fish and chip shop in the world," he says. "and I mean it. I've eaten fish and chips in Brighton, Newcastle, Liverpool, you name it, and I can tell you their fish and chips are the best in the world ...in  the world!"

The agapanthus or South African Bluebell, which lives in a large pot in our garden has had its ups and downs. We know that it likes its  roots crowded and cramped.  No problem there because it  is rooted so tightly that we would have to break the pot if we wanted to remove it.  But it wasn't until we learnt that it needs feeding both in the Autumn after flowering and in the Spring that we saw it reach its peak, up to 20 gorgeous blooms. It is a tender plant and should normally be taken in doors in Winter but we have no suitable greenhouse or conservatory. So we envelope it in one of the big plastic bags which the dry cleaner provides for bulky blankets and coats. The bag just fits when the leaves are cut back. Today I tuck  the plant  up for the Winter. A little sadly because it seems a long time to wait for it to flower again.


Roderick Robinson said...

You say "fell into conversation". Yerss, only diarists of the old school do that. Afterwards, no doubt, you bid him goodbye. Admirable that these war horses may be given a gallop now and then. And there's another.

Unknown said...

I feel like justifying "falling" into conversation and even "bidding" goodbye. But perhaps it should wait. Meanwhile fare thee well!