Thursday, October 25, 2012

fledged friendly containers

On the wall. I suspect that this is a newly fledged blackbird making the acquaintance of a wall in The Grove.

People who look after the public - in banks and supermarkets and the like -  are it seems taught  to make conversation or at least to say something friendly whenever the opportunity arises. Hence in the bank today  the flow of:
"Have you had a nice day so far?"
Have a nice rest-of-the-day"
The important thing is to keep on the treadmill of having a nice time. The weekend hasn't yet begun but that I can confidently predict is bound to be nice.

I think it was Lucy Kempton who in a recent post expressed her liking for bowls. I know what she means. In my case it is more than bowls; I like almost anything intended to contain: boxes, bags, jars, jugs and bottles. I think just now of the still life paintings of Georgio Morandi where bottles, vases and jugs have a majestic simplicity.


marja-leena said...

Is the word 'luv' used much these days by the lady shopkeepers along with the 'have a nice day'? In small towns, perhaps. I knew a British expatriate here who always said that.

Giorgio Morandi's work was my main inspiration for my practical thesis in painting for my honours BFA!

Lucy said...

I tend to think it's somewhat gender skewed, and quite crudely linked to our biology - that women like containers of various kinds, men prefer tools and/or weapons: wombs and willies. Another friend tells me it finds confirmation in Piaget's schemata theories, specifically those of enclosure and trajectory, but I've yet to find out if there is any acknowledged male/female bias to those. She describes it as handbags and guns, and noted that she liked the former while her two sons the latter.

Yet I think there are clearly subdivisions of preference; I am fairly indifferent to bags, likewise boxes, the containers I like best are bowls but also saucepans, jars and to a certain extent bottles, which are loosely food and home related, and perhaps to do with the making of concoctions, while the bags indicate a desire to be on the move. Not sure about the boxes, perhaps those are more for the acquisition of objects of value. Likewise with the poky things, there are swords and ploughshares...

Heather D is a great enthusiast for Morandi.

Lucy said...

However, I did mean to say, clearly you (and Morandi) give the lie to my theory!