Monday, October 29, 2012

squirreling cat pun

Two squirrels squirreling away among the leaves in The Grove.

The tall old lady whom I often used to  meet by the entrance to Calverley Grounds with her cat sporting around her, is today  standing by the open door of her house.  I am wondering about the cat   when I see a plastic dish containing a tempting portion of cat food, in her hand. I remember being struck by the way she liked to be take her cat for a walk, and the cat was amenable. Now it seems the cat has changed its routine.

A wine with a punning name in Sainsbury's. It is a Grenache Shiraz blend called Long Dog and it comes from the Languedoc in the South West of France. The joke is reinforced by a drawing of a dachshund on the label.


Roderick Robinson said...

I take it you're familiar with Goats do Roam wine.

Unknown said...

Yes, but I never touch the stuff. You don't know where it's been. Came across a very chic little St Emilion the other day called Ch Calembour. The 2005 is showing surprisingly well at the moment

Lucy said...

Do you remember that stuff called Hirondelle? So called because you swallow it. I was not of wine drinking age then, and liked the art work in the magazine adverts.

Unknown said...

Yes, Lucy. But the pun on swallow passed me by, not because I didn't know the meaning of swallow, but because it never occurred to me that you swallowed wine, which of course people do at some stage.