Tuesday, October 16, 2012

fuschsia new London creeper

Last winter's cruel weather and this summer's rain attacked the fuchsia in our garden. So we cut back the lifeless branches to be rewarded this Autumn by a  more substantial than ever mass of dripping blossoms.

From the the train line at Hither Green on our way South a view of what you might call new London, the cluster of skyscrapers at Canary Wharf  spot lit by late afternoon sun shine.

Thanks Gerard Manley Hopkins for the adjective, the virginia creeper by the roadside  is firecoal-red.

Another story  is posted on One Fine Day. It is called The Lie. This new blog is becoming a sort of dialogue on the subject of short story writing which I welcome. Though its chief purpose remains to entertain.


Ellena said...

My Oma's favorite houseplant. Do you bring them in?

Unknown said...

This is the wild variety of the plant which you find in hedgerows in the west of the British Isles. This particular plant I brought with me when I moved to this house 25 years ago. It was about 2ft high. In those days, before climate change set in, it usually died down in the winter. It' is now a shrub about 10ft high.

Ellena said...

Good on you to remember what you did with the Fuchsia 25 years ago. I had one hanging outdoors about 10 years ago and could for the schnuck of me not remember why I did not bring it in. Hence my question to you. I guess mine died down late fall. Did not know that a wild variety exists. Must make for beautiful hedges.