Tuesday, October 23, 2012

shadows touch-screen batteries

Shadows still come up in this year's holiday photographs. This is the third year  in which I have amused myself by reversing the pictures to show shadows rather than substance as dominant features of a composition.The photographs  are  all taken every year from more or less the same vantage points.

My first encounter with typing with a touch screen instead of key board was pretty awful. I put my fingers in the wrong place and the wrong letters appeared; unwanted letters arrived when I merely brushed the screen; and the spell-correcting mechanism which anticipates the word you are typing (sometimes wrongly) before you have completed it was off-putting. A couple of months later after some dogged persistence, I prefer the touch screen and its spell check system and manage to type faster with it  than with a conventional keyboard. To anyone coming new to touch screen typing I say persist.

A technophobe of my acquaintance said deprecatingly of, I think, a Kindle: "Yes but you have to charge it. It needs batteries." Well yes. So many things  nowadays do need batteries, and electricity to charge the more enduring variety of batteries. Civilisation as we know it could of course break down completely. No batteries; No electricity. No gas. No petrol. No food. No drink.  No heat. And no time to read Kindles even if you had resort to a lifetime's supply of batteries.

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