Wednesday, October 03, 2012

silver goat age

Silver streaks the horizon as the sun rises this grey morning.

A salad described as "goat salad" turns out to be a goat cheese salad.  At least two restaurants offer  it on their menu. At our favourite restaurant the disk of goat cheese is very lightly glazed with a little caramelised sugar  and drizzled I think with sherry vinegar. If vinegar isn't involved it will be (I'll probably use balsamic vinegar) when I try to prepare a similar salad. In addition to the walnuts  which generally garnish a goat cheese salad there is a light scattering of raisins.

At passport control there must be an instruction to be friendly if not patronising to returning travellers.  "How old are you ?" asks the smiling woman. Somebody is smiling  at Border Control. Somebody set it to music. I'll write the lyrics.). I tell her. "Very good for your age," she says. 

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