Saturday, February 16, 2013

brush strokes sharpening technology

The app which I found the other day is called Paper and I have been learning to draw with it. But I was aware of another app better suited to painting, which has famously been used to good effect  by David Hockney. It is called Brushes. Its palette is remarkable and easy to use once you have the knack. More difficult to master is the range of brushes or perhaps I should  say brush strokes available. I am learning these fairly quickly but they  will  take time to master. One facility which I particularly like is being able to saturate a page with colour to provide a base. The app has something in common with Photoshop but is I think rather easier to use, more intuitive. This  an early attempt to  use of the app. I am thinking of the sun coming round again.

Few things are more tedious than blunt knives, scissors or garden tools. Today I sharpen the scissors I use for cutting out photos from newspapers and magazines for my scrapbook. For some reason I have neglected the neat carborundum stone, coarse on one side, smooth on the other which has a slept along time in the drawer of my desk. It is  satisfying to fine the cutting edge and to feel it bite into the paper as  with a rejuvenated pair of scissor I negotiate the image of a pelican.

"It's easy when your panicking" says a man to a woman whom I pass in the street as he returns his mobile phone to his pocket. "I just pressed the red button instead of the green."  With such mistakes wars begin and worlds explode.


CC said...

Went looking for "Brushes" . Sadly, I find its been discontinued. .....

Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn I have a minute ago installed Brushes 3 on Heidi (my other half's) iPad. It is a free app and there is no problem in finding it in the App store. Of course you do need a touch screen to operate it.
There seem to be other Brushes apps which I haven't tried. Cheers.

CC said...

Thanks, Joe. I saw the Brushes3 app, but review said its not as good as the first one.
I've been using Sketchbook Pro..which is wonderful.

But I may try the Brushes3 anyway.

Enjoying your experiments!