Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Antithesis, closing in and party memories

I suppose it may be the subconscious at work but looking through the archives for today's picture, I find that I am picking the antithesis of what seems appropriate to day's bleak weather.

I always forget that St Lucy's Day no longer coincides with the shortest day of the year. The focus of our lives closes in not only because the Winter Solstice is approaching but because we find ourselves confronted with a closed prospect. It is one which  we accept if not with cheerfulness with the sort of pride required by the inevitable. We have love all round  us and lots of kindness, invaluable Christmas gifts.

A present from Pippa for Heidi is a Blurb book of photographs commemorating our party in Sitges last summer where both our families were reunited.


Tom said...

"....we find ourselves confronted with a closed prospect...."? Thinking of you both, and hope you have the best of Christmases.

Stella said...

Since I don't know you personally, it feels as though we are intruding on a personal crisis (a closed prospect), I hope I have misinterpreted. Your daily postings are an act of generosity from which I almost always benefit.

Roderick Robinson said...

A time for the late quartets, the Schubert quintet perhaps. Music with a strong hold on what matters. Speaking of which I could hear VR playing the Goldberg on the ground floor yesterday. A young pianist, Freddie Kempf, whom we heard playing this masterpiece at Malvern a couple of years ago. The account was highly individual with the initial air rendered slowly, almost voluptuously. Proof that Bach is a man for all seasons and all occasions. Many thanks for the nugget books. Stella puts it well: an act of generosity.

Unknown said...

Tom I have not forgotten I understand now all the better.

Stella Nobody is I intruding because I open the window now and then. It helps to share a grim but inevitable procedure. My aim is to tell it how it is when and where the facts force themselves to the surface, and to avoid slush. Thank you for your thoughts.

R R The late quartets are always with me. They never pall.