Monday, December 30, 2013

Autumn trees, repetition and picking up

Soon I will begin to run out of usable photographs of H's paintings. My aches and pains are getting better and I am looking forward to snapping again.

The media are full of repeat accounts if last year's news stories. As though there wasn't enough of it.  Helpful to historians? I wonder if the details change in the retelling.

A device for picking up things from the floor when you are afflicted with bending problems has turned up. My back is now better. But  I am still glad of the picker-upper. In an odd way its presence is beginning to make bending easier. It's like taking an umbrella with you to stop it raining. Such are the small preoccupations of an old fart.



marja-leena said...

Glad to hear your pains are easing, Joe.

Oh, will that picker upper help the gardener? My knees doth protest at all the bending, you know.

Ellena said...

This old fart here used to sit on her heels when getting pots from under the kitchen counter. Getting back up she almost pulled counter out of wall (Marja-Leena knees). Now she bends down from the waist and all is fine.

Lucy said...

Lazy tongs!

Roderick Robinson said...

Annual news reviews = lots of journos on holiday.