Wednesday, December 11, 2013

flitting, Christmas card and stories

Parakeets flitting between the palm trees opposite the sea in Sitges last Summer.

It had not been my intention, as I usually do, to design and print a Christmas card this year, what with one thing an another. But  Heidi is  gaining strength after her jaundice which is cured and expected home soon, we are looking forward to a tranquil celebration. So this morning I put the simple card which I had been planning together. I am not sure how happy I am with it, but I am happy to have done it.

Putting myself to sleep at night I drum up stories. It is an echo of the childhood request "tell me a story" which echoes through the years. The stories which I tell myself I often forget  but as I fall asleep last night, I find myself thinking of the endless network of stories which people have told each other,  tell each other and  will always tell as long as  imagination and intelligence survive in the human race 

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