Friday, December 20, 2013

Humming bird, all right and Rioja

This time the unfolding bud from the 2013 Spring archive resembles a humming bird, one of nature's odd associations.

People of different races and colours in Woolwich, scene of the cruel murder last Spring in broad daylight of  a  British soldier by two fanatics,  are greeting one another with the words "all right, mate!". This follows the  trial and conviction of the murderers. Any  hope that the crime should create racial tension  among local people is defeated. If you want to sum up the kindness, and  fundamental goodness of English people you could find it in those simple words spoken by passing strangers, "all right, mate!" All  right?

It must be 20 years since as a journalist  I wrote anything about wine. And almost as long since I drank a glass of Rioja.  I  often visited the  region in Northern Spain to savour its red and white wines, its roast lamb and its asparagus. I would never want to, but  I am not allowed to forget it. For I  am, as this morning's greeting testifies, still on  the Rioja Wine Producers Christmas card list. So Merry Christmas Rioja and thank you for many memorable bottles.


Lucas said...

The humming bird bud has created a very strange illusion. Is it to do with the angle as well as the shape?

Roderick Robinson said...

And oh, how important it is that we have no death penalty. That these two misguided youths should face a lifetime of self-contemplation. Perhaps in the end to repent. All life is sacred.