Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unfolding, endangered and dining

The bud packed and wrapped and ready to unfold. The miracle of Spring remembered at the year's midnight.

I have only recently come to the on-line newspaper called The Huffington Post,  From October 25, comes the following sad story. Of the 7,000 languages spoken in the world, 2,400 are considered endangered. One of those  at risk of dying out is  Ayapaneco, spoken in Mexico. The  two remaining speakers, apparently, refuse to talk to one another.

Deipnosophist is a new word for me. It describes something close to my heart.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary it means  master of the art of dining. An interesting distinction: Chambers Dictionary defines it as  a master of the art of dinner table conversation. Can you separate the food from the talk? I suspect that the ancient Greeks paid little attention to the grub. Nowadays ...?


The Crow said...

That is one of the most suggestive images I've ever seen - here or elsewhere. Erotically beautiful.

(I apologize if my comment offends thee, friend - it is what popped into my brain the instant I saw the photo.)

Unknown said...

Thy comment offends not in the least dear Crow. I agree with it and thy approval cheers me at a sad time.

The Crow said...

A sad time? Would it be impertinent of me to ask why?

Regardless, I'm sorry that you are, and wish the sadness to lift - PDQ!

(I take joy where I can find it, in the simplest of things sometimes. One of the words for proving I'm not a robot is my grandson's name - Donovan. What serendipity!)