Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pond, grunts and reslience

 Study in green.

A contented grunting from the printer as it pushes out  this year's simple Christmas card. Another instance of a machine sounding almost human.

It looks as though H will be home next week. Resilient and humorous as ever.  Relief all round as as she  can look forward to seeing herself settled among familiar things and people. And lots of love.


marja-leena said...

A lush and secret looking place, that pond.

Glad to hear that H is much much better, and will be more so when home. Please give her my best wishes.

Tom said...

I echo Marja-Leena's best wishes. So you'll both be snugged in for Christmas uh?

Lucy said...

Such good news about H, about time too!

Roderick Robinson said...

There is an H in Christmas, in fact there are two in Happy Christmas. That's a good sign.

Printers are human. Wretchedly so. Only kept alive with a high-protein diet of ink cartridges. Part of the enormous techno-conspiracy which reaches its apogee on the Apple price list.

Unknown said...

Thanks all. In the interests of the harsh light of truth, the good news is I am afraid limited to the short term. This does not affect our positive approach to present. The best of now. H is definitely to be home on Monday.

Roderick Robinson said...

Very English. But I am English too, There is a lovely word - abide. As you say there are others: the present, now, of the moment, maintenant, nun - all speak of intensity. Monday's a good day, a starting day.