Thursday, July 02, 2009

stack, greeting, grilled

Posted by Picasa Tomatoes displayed for uniformity. Strange how much more attractive are the uneven shapes of the big tomatoes you see in markets in Europe. But still this stack of identical fruit is hard to resist, particularly the shadows of the sepals on the skin.

In the Italian delicatessen at the foot of Mount Sion, the owner greets me with: "Prego?"A blue sky, remorseless sun, mortadella, mozerella, parma ham, on display, the Italian language! Why bother to go all the way to Italy?

In the garden , instead of a barbecue, just for the two of us, I use a camping stove and a griddle, to cook some sliced aubergines, peppers, squash, tomatoes and courgettes. And kebabs made with pounded lamb-mince, corriander and pine kernals. A spicy meal for the open air.


The Crow said...

Beautiful photo of the tomatoes, Joe. Would be great on the cover of a cooking magazine, or seed packet.

tristan said...

i'm salivating ... literature's highest purpose has been fulfilled

Roderick Robinson said...

Prego I suppose is the Italian equivalent of alors. Because it is an ultimate colloquialism it can - very briefly - confer a sense of language-ease on the person it is addressed to. And then comes the sad disillusion.

Unknown said...

Thanks for kind remarks. Grazie. To which you might reply "prego".Or "not at all". But in this instance, he was, I think, saying: "Can I help you"?