Wednesday, April 07, 2010

broken, 6.55, showers

As the spirit leaves it, the bottle scatters the shards of an illusion.

Odd how I nearly always seem to open my eyes at the same time in the morning. This is regardless of the amount of light in the room. It has something to do, I suspect, with a timing device in my head. For several years, waking time (or rather eye-opening time, for I am usually awake before doing anything about it), showed on my bedside clock as 7.20. In the last few weeks it has changed to 6.55. I rather like this moment of full consciousness, containing as it does springs of anticipation and hope.

There is a bath and shower shop called Ripple in the modern building at the end of The Pantiles. As I pass it this afternoon I see a notice in the window which proclaims "April Shower Sale".
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CC said...

My awakening each morning is controlled by Eastern Cat Time. It is the same time each morning whether our part of N. America is on standard time or daylight savings time.
It all has to do with 2 middle aged cats wanting their morning kibble. ;-)

Unknown said...

I think I am like your cats. Breakfast is part of the reason for opening one's eyes.