Wednesday, April 21, 2010

crowd, toes, harmonica

An eager crowd of pipes newly uprooted beside some roadworks.

Under the portico, outside the front door of a house in Mount Sion, sits a bare foot man.. He is leaning backwards, almost lying down. Between the pillars at the top of the steps, his toes protrude, white and inquisitive.

An elderly man in a purple shirt stands on his own in the middle of The Grove. He is playing a harmonica to himself. The sound barely reaches the path where I am standing. It drifts across to me in the wind, plaintive and lonely.
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CC said...

Love your description of the pipes....

Roderick Robinson said...

There's a marine parallel with those pipes. Certain types of organisms attach theselves to rocks and allow their mouths to wander in the currents. The pipes look plaintive.