Sunday, April 18, 2010

leaf, hand, beauty

Today's leaf has leathery sheen, a memory of Autumn

Outside The Compasses, all I can see of the small baby under the hood of the push chair is a tiny hand, relaxed, fingers slightly curled like fresh petals. The mother leans over to check that all is well. It is sleeping and oblivious to clouds of volcanic dust overhead and political debates on the TV.

In The Grove, just a few daffodils remain. An old lady shows another old lady a bunch that she has collected. They admire the flowers. "A little beauty in your life," says one to the other.
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HKatz said...

There are definitely echoes of autumn in spring; as when trees shed their blossoms, and flowers from the earlier part of spring start wilting.

fingers slightly curled like fresh petals.
Beautiful description.