Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Grove, surface, japonica


A relatively new friend visits. How little we knew of her when we first met her two or three years ago! How much now: of her life, her family, her background, her ups and down, her  rather frenzied existence! It is surprising how, on the surface, people may seem bland and ordinary, just names and faces, only to surprise us with undreamed of complications. Take almost anyone you pass in the street or sit next to on a bus or train, and  you only have to scratch the surface to reveal layers of complexity and interest.

A hedge of japonica towers 10ft - 12 ft high between the front gardens of two adjoining houses. Come Autumn the quince-like fruit will replace the scarlet flowers and begin to tumble to the ground beneath it.
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Lucy said...

Do you ever make jelly with the fruit? It's quite good. Also, put one in your pocket, and take it out to sniff at from time to time, they are very fragrant. I've heard people used to carry quinces like this in the manner of nosegays.

Your three vignettes in my inblox daily have been a constant joy and solace. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I know that you can, but as quinces are usually available around here at the same time, I have never tried. It's good to hear from you. I wish you, as I am sure all your friends do, all the joy and solace that is possible.