Sunday, April 11, 2010

contrast, ok, buds

Spring and Autumn.

"OK, Nan?" says a young man to his grandmother, seeking approval of the lunch he has stood her."I enjoyed the pickled onions," says Nan, who you suspect enjoyed little else of the pub lunch. "I'm not a fan of pickled onions," says the young man. He indicates his plate, where, in contrast to his grandmother's debris-strewn plate, nothing remains apart from a butter pat wrapper and a couple of pickled onions. I think to myself: go on Nan reach across and take those onions! But she is too well bred.

Suddenly you notice a tree, which yesterday was completely bare, to day covered in a green mist of opening leaves. What is so gratifying is that all the buds, all over the tree, have opened all at the same time. Obvious. Only to be expected. But today the tree seems amazingly powerful, a cause for celebration, a rite of Spring.
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marja-leena said...

I love the photo and title, with the two white heads and parallel curving lines, then the lower horizontal band of almost white 'other' heads - great composition!

Unknown said...

I still feel reluctant to photograph people who I don't know but I don't think these would have minded. A good zoom helps.

Lucas said...

I agree with Marja-leena. This photo celebrates white blooms and white-haired apprecation of the joy of Spring.

Roderick Robinson said...

Sometimes the blossom seems too profligate. "No," I say to myself, passing one of those cherry trees, "you don't need to try so hard. Half as much would still be wonderful." I think this has to do with attitudes towards painting. Mrs BB often observes a sunset, a Herefordshire countryside or, in fact, a tree in blossom and says she couldn't paint that. "No one would believe it." Nature showing a backside to artifice I suppose.

Unknown said...

BB: Yes, those cherry trees are sometimes over the top. Mother Nature addorned in bling.