Saturday, April 10, 2010

contentment, manners, dare-devil

A warm day for a change where shade counts.

Outside The Crown at Groombridge, a party of friends are served with their chosen dishes - burgers and chips for the most part. One man has yet to have his lunch served. He goes into the pub to refill his glass. "You guys, go ahead," he says. "No, we've got  good manners," a woman's voice calls after him. Is there a hint of self-mockery in the tone of her voice? Or are manners being mocked in general? Or taken seriously, even?

In The Grove I watch a squirrel leap from the end of one frail branch to another on a neighbouring tree. The branch it has left swings as he leaves it and the branch where it just manages a foothold sways  in sympathy under its weight. People don't like grey squirrels, I sometimes think because they are grey and not red. They call them "tree rats" .Whatever you may think of them, they are fun to watch. This one is a dare-devil of his kind.
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CC said...

I, for one am fond of Gray Squirrels and most other fauna that some how manage to live along side humans in the city. I usually carry peanuts
in my pocketbook for the ones in Washington
or Rittenhouse Square. I love to watch them chasing each other up and down and across trees.

Roderick Robinson said...

Whatever the answer to that question of etiquette there's no doubt that in TW you have the greatest laboratory in Britain for behavioural experimentation and for which you must be soon due your PhD.