Monday, August 30, 2010

composition, blogging, surprise

Posted by PicasaMessages like this seem  to attract because of their multiple meanings and insinuating ambiguities.

"How's the blog?" asks |A ndre at the Video shop. "Still going," I say. "Don't you find it hard, finding something to say everyday?" "It isn't hard when you think that most days there is something of interest. Even if you don't see or hear it. It's maybe something I have read," I say. But then I admit to myself that on some days  I have to look or listen extra hard or think quite deeply to find a thought or memory.

This morning after the rain, the air is bright, the sun is out. A surprise, then, to see a gibbous moon pale in the blue sky.

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Lucy said...

You make it look quite effortless, which surely means it isn't. I'm glad you keep doing so, anyway, withal, forsooth.