Saturday, April 09, 2011

benchmarks 3,socks, mesh

 The third bench. The photo might be worth clicking.

On a doorstep by the street sits a man in shorts and white socks enjoying the afternoon sun.

In a farmyard by  a bus stop there is a long low barn. A small window is enclosed by a torn wire mesh. Sticking to the mesh are chicken feathers. From inside the barn comes a gentle sound like clucking but a little more contented.

On Compasses Lucy Kempton replies with wit, rhyme and rhythm to my question: What promises have you to keep? Or give up on?


CC said...

I do like the photoas well as your latest observations.

tristan said...

high value clicking

Lucas said...

I like the benchmark series.This lone figure on the third bench draws my eye to it and I too find myself gazing out to the horizon.