Saturday, March 16, 2013

Green, waterlogged and good

Save the Greens.

It has been raining all day. A visitor from abroad suggests that it might be good for the garden. Attempts to agree collapse. The garden is waterlogged which even the garden doesn't like.

Beetroot and apple juice made in the mixer. It is good for you certainly. But it also looks and tastes good. Best with a mixture of eating apples and, to provide acidity, Bramleys.


Lucy said...

This interactive template of yours, while initially confusing, is beginning to be fascinating. I've been bothered lately as it seems of its own accord to have flipped into 'sidebar' mode, whereby only one post at a time is shown, and the only way to see the others is via a left-hand sidebar. Then I discovered, however, that I could choose from a number of views, including 'classic', the normal scrolling bloggy format I'd come to expect. I think my favourite might be 'flipcard'. I'd occasionally visited other new blogs with this template and been completely confused by them and gone away again, now I am enlightened!

The excellent Burrow Hill cider farm in Somerset used to produce a pure Bramley juice. I discovered the other day that a sleepy pear, formerly a lost cause as I cannot abide to bite into such a thing, can be pushed through a sieve and with a squeeze of lemon produce a pleasant beverage!

Lucas said...

I agree with Lucy that this layout is versatile and it is good that the viewer as well as the blogger can change formats. Sidebar has the advantage of focusing on the most recent. I really like this picture.