Friday, March 08, 2013

Posing cat, Satie and see-through hedge

Visiting cat poses for photograph, is hoping to play the  narrator in  a new story on the stocks.

Not yet completely used to a tablet, I forget that it is sitting snugly in my shoulder bag, as I walk through the town. Hey, I say to myself where is the street musician who seems to be following me, while performing Eric Satie's Gnossienne No 1? Not yet completley used to the versatility of tablet computers, I forget that mine is sitting snugly in my shoulder bag as I walk through the town. And I must have left it on.

At this time of year the hedge outside my window is thinner and more transparent than usual. I see an umbrella passing angled against the wind. It is Heidi and she under it and just about to enter the front gate. Time for tea.


CC said...

Always open to a new Cat picture. Handsome. =^..^=

Roderick Robinson said...

The cat's expression: comes from a long, long line of pinched disapproval.

Seeing the umbrella must have been one of those minor (but nevertheless welcome) events which brings relief. But umbrellas are not always symbolically beneficial. Reduced to watching the 24-hour TV news last night (which appears to target children and those who are hard of understanding), I notice in the review of the following day's newspapers a photo of Chris Huhne hiding his identity behind a bright red brollie. Plenty of symbolism there but none of it welcome.

Unknown said...

CC I thought of you when the cat appeared in the garden. I like your emoticat!

RR Umbrellas are quite potent symbols. One which recurrs in this town on days which are both wet and windy is a litter bin into which a broken umbrella, usually of the telescopic, almost disposable variety, has been thrust. Brings to mind bats wings and witches knickers.