Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blond, layout and cakes.

Today's blond. Not so many photographs in the last few days on account of the rain. So I draw as best I can what happens to be in my head.

I don't know if all visitors have been as succesful as Lucy in negotiating the new layout of this blog. I was at first not sure what I had taken on, but I am getting to like it. I hope you will. Click "sidebar" top left  to see layout options. Flip is the  best  option for me. Classic probably the most generally useful.The bar on the right edge  of the window list links, archives, followers etc.

In The High Street I am approaching Julliet's patisserie. A couple of women are are striding ahead of me. They wear tweeds and speak with appropriate voices, not on  the quiet side. One stops and stares through the window. "Yummy", she says. But her companion strides on. I am left  to wonder whether I should acknowledge the cry of  enthusiasm from the cake fancier.  And how? Just in time I realise that I don't have to.


Roderick Robinson said...

I feel slightly ashamed. All I keep doing is laying down text and inserting pix - often from Google Images, the electronic equivalent of engraving tombstones. I recall the struggle to master Dreamweaver (easily the most awkward software I've ever used) and the eventual creation of the community website. The trouble is I quickly forget the techno-tricks I've learned and often find myself in a bout of re-education. No doubt I'll be forced into this innovation, deflected from the path of slouching to... where? The Land of Enlightenment? Or a pub called The Confident Semi-Colon.

I have commented on your artwork before but it keeps on moving forward. This one's very plausible. Are you sure it isn't at the expense of writing sonnets. Now there's a dilemma for you

Unknown said...

Not at the expense of writing sonnets. Rather an indulgence, a relief from duty.