Tuesday, March 12, 2013

War, whistle-blower and time

War: the early stages.

There is a fine whistle on my key ring. It comes from a posh Christmas cracker which I pulled with someone two years ago. I haven't yet had the opportunity to blow it. And I don't want to in case it alarms someone.  Should I become a whistle-blower?

Numbers especially when they refer to time have a particular fascination. Today I read that Comet C/2011 visible for a few days to the naked eye  faded from our horizon on March 10. Sad to say we won't have another chance to see it for 110,000 years.



Roderick Robinson said...

Your impromptu art sessions are getting better. Sad to see green is in the minority

Roderick Robinson said...

Sorry, I meant to say "better and better" - a world of difference.